RECOGNIZE: Kao Tsu image, above, used as embellishment - the question does not relate to it except that it is an image of Kao Tsu, but could be answered without the image.
EDIT: Examples of ways the image could be edited to move from LOTS to HOTS:
  • World Language: Question could reference the inscriptions, assess language acquisition.
  • Language Arts: Image as an essay prompt: What is the emotion, etc.? What sort of character does Kao Tsu appear to have, based on his portrait?
  • Social Studies: How can you tell this person is a ruler? [base answer on his clothing, hair, headgear, posture, etc.] What is the significance of the fact that he has had his portrait painted at all? In the past, was the appearance of only important people recorded? What does this image tell you about the material culture of this society?
  • Gender: Do you see any evidence of women or women's roles in this picture? Male roles?
  • Economics: Income? Trade? What economic factors were responsible for this individual's prosperity?
  • Business education: Questions could entail cultural sensitivity in diverse environments or in international business; business etiquette.
  • Art or Art History: Formal analysis such as composition, style, color, medium, etc. Questions could entail the portrait tradition, iconography, etc.; or could ask the student to relate this image to other Chinese art of the same or another period, to textile production.